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  • Product Hacking

    This class is a self-guided product hack to foster collaboration, imagination and promote the action of making/design thinking. Teams are briefly introduced to the notion of “functional fixedness” and receive sets of materials and instructions to create a “physical thing that has not yet existed." They produce a new “thing” from their materials and concurrently examine their own processes for arriving at the object. Teams share their experience at the end of class in an informal critique.

  • Co-totyping

    This class will review prototyping digital ideas within interdisciplinary teams. The emphasis is on how prototyping can improve communication and selling of ideas to internal teams and clients. We will cover how prototyping encourages problem solving across all roles, not just for Creatives, and how it can be used throughout the lifecycle of a project or campaign. Techniques for sketching digital ideas specific to advertising will be explored along with an introduction to common tools, benefits and approach.