Talent future proofing programs custom designed to propel your company ahead of the rest.


  • Remaking Your Inner Maker

    Making is an empowering activity and an essential tool in digital contexts

    This material-based hands-on workshop guides participants through the new culture of making. We argue that, regardless of role, making feeds the creativity that sparks innovative products, processes, and concepts. Contact us at beta@smithandbeta.com to find out more about our corporate course offerings.

  • The Tiny Screen

    Mobile, Right This Minute

    This workshop focuses on what's important to know about mobile right this minute. We explore mobile adv, behavior, and how your device is bridging physical and digital worlds. Join us! Email for info: beta@smithandbeta.com

  • Product Hacking

    Digging into Product and Prototyping

    This workshop is a self-guided product hack to foster collaboration, imagination and promote the action of making and design thinking. Small teams are provided instructions to follow "a brief" and materials to create a prototyped solution. This session is one of our most popular, teams get to know each other, think like a product designer/builder, and show off their making skills.